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Friday, May 22, 2009

Congratulations to the Norsemen Baseball team for a Successful Season

The Norsemen ended their season on Thursday, May 21st vs. Gardner South Wilmington in the first game of their regional at Earlville.

The Baseball team had many highlights including a tie for second place in LTC, the first unassisted triple-play ever in school history, and were crowned Lisle Tournament Champions on May 2nd. They also ended the season with a 18-12 record under the first year with a new coach.

The team had many individual accomplishments. Alan Hardisty, Drew Tollefson, and Kurt Anderson were awarded with All-Conference. Alan led the team all year with six home-runs, while Drew led the team in batting average all year. Zach Hartman hit his first ever career pinch-hit Grand Slam.

The team will deeply miss the talent and personality of the four seniors that are leaving: Tyler Andersen, Kurt Anderson, Zach Hartman, and Drew Tollefson.

Congratulations to the Norsemen Baseball team with a turnaround year and the best of luck to all of you!

Submitted by Brandon Cihak

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Baseball Update

4/18/09- Home game vs. Indian Creek. The Norsemen lost both games, 7-5 and 9-4.

4/21/09- Regional game at Earlville vs. Gardner South Wilmington, the Norsemen lost by a score of 7-3.

Submitted by Brandon Cihak

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Softball Update

Date: 5/19/09
Opponent: Serena (Regionals)
Result: Lost 8-3

Date: 5/18/09
Opponent: Indian Creek
Result: Lost 3-4

Submitted by Lea Dunlap

Lady Norsemen Defeat Somonauk

Date: 5/16/09
Opponent: Somonauk Home
Result: Won 5-0

Congratulations to the Lady Norsemen for your win on Saturday against Somonauk. Game highlights include Miranda Schmidt striking out 17 players. The Lady Norsemen's next game is on Monday against Indian Creek.

Submitted by Lea Dunlap

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Winning Streak Comes to an End

Date: 5/16/09
Opponent: Somonauk
Result: 15-6

On Saturday, the Norsemen lost by a score of 15-6 ending the Norsemen's 13 game winning streak. The Norsemen look to rebound with a win against Indian Creek on Monday, 5/18/09.

Submitted by Brandon Cihak

Baseball Update

4/15/09- Lamoille forfeited a double-header against the Norsemen due to not having enough players.

4/14/09- Game Home vs Earlville, Norsemen won by a score of 8-1.

Submitted by Brandon Cihak

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Baseball Update

5/14/09- Next game (make up game) home vs Earlville.

5/13/09- Game home vs Somonauk was canceled due to bad weather.

5/12/09- Game at Paw Paw. The Norsemen weren't firing on all cylinders but they managed to escape with a 1-0 victory in 10 innings.

Submitted by Brandon Cihak

Lady Norsemen Defeat Lady Bulldogs

Date: 5/12/09
Opponent: Paw Paw Away
Result: 5-0 Win

Newark played Paw Paw on Tuesday, May 12. The wind was a big advantage for the hitters, but Newark didn't take advantage of it. The Lady Norsemen only scored 5 runs but they also held Paw Paw at 0. Kirstie Anderson only allowed 2 hits the entire game. Newark's senior night was canceled on Wednesday, May 13 and rescheduled for Thursday, May 14 against Earlville.

Submitted by Lea Dunlap

Monday, May 11, 2009

8 Straight

Date: 5/11/09
Opponent: Paw Paw
Result: 13-3

On Monday, the Norsemen faced Paw Paw at home. It was senior night, and the senior's last home game was a good one to remember. The Norsemen beat Paw Paw by a score of 13-3 in 5 innings.

Submitted by Brandon Cihak

Another Conference Victory for Newark

Date: 5/11/09
Opponent: Paw Paw Home
Result: 8-1 Win

After a long weekend, the girls played another conference game against Paw Paw on Monday, May 11. The rest must have helped the Lady Norsemen because they played a great game. The girls had strong defense and powerful offense. Teresa DiClementi got a home run that was followed up by Lea Dunlap with a triple. The score resulted in a 8-1 win for Newark. The girls are still undefeated in conference and are scheduled to play conference games throughout this whole week so go and support the Lady Norsemen to keep the momentum going!

Submitted by Lea Dunlap

Friday, May 8, 2009

Thursday's Game Suspended

Date: 4/07/09
Opponent: Indian Creek, Away
Result: Suspended

Thursday's game was suspended (to be made up at a later date) because of rain. The game was suspended in the 5th inning with a score of 5-5. The Norsemen's next game will be at home on Monday, May 11th vs Paw Paw.

Submitted by Brandon Cihak

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rain Helps Lady Norsemen Grow to a 7-0 Conference Record

Date: 5/6/09
Opponent: Indian Creek Away
Result: 8-3 Win

The Lady Norsemen faced Indian Creek on Monday, May 6. Newark brought the rain with them to Indian Creek's home fields, but it seemed to be giving the girls an extra push to step up their game. Kirstie Anderson pitched a great game and only allowed 3 runs to score. One after the other, the Lady Norsemen gave it their all at the plate scoring 8 throughout the game. Newark was scheduled to play Indian creek the next day, Tuesday, May 7, but once again, the rain decided to show, pushing the game back to May 18. Hope to see you there!

Submitted by Lea Dunlap

Lady Norsemen Defeat Serena

Date: 5/5/09
Opponent: Serena-Home
Result: Conference Win 4-3

The Lady Norsemen played Serena once again on Tuesday, May 5. This time it was at their home field. The girls weren't living up to their last game and only drove in 4 runs. Serena scored 3 runs, just trailing behind Newark. The Lady Norsemen were able to hold Serena for another conference victory.

Submitted by Lea Dunlap

Norsemen Victory at Home

Date: 5/05/09
Opponent: Serena
Result: Won 14-2

Congratulations to the Newark Norsemen for your victory last night against Serena. The Norsemen won by a score of 14-2 in six innings. Zach Hartman hit a grand slam in the bottom of the sixth inning to help the Norsemen end the game an inning early under the ten run rule. Good luck to the Norsemen tonight against Indian Creek.

submitted by Brandon Cihak

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Norsemen Defeat Huskers

Date: 5/04/09
Opponent: Serena
Result: 6-3 Win

Congratulations to the Newark Norsemen for your victory last night against Serena. Alan Hardisty Hit yet another 3-run home run to help the Norsemen prevail over the Huskers. Newark's next game is tonight at home vs. Serena.

Submitted by Brandon Cihak

Monday, May 4, 2009

Tournament Champions!
Date: 5/02/09
Opponent: Round-Robin Tournament at Lisle
Result: Tournament Champions

Congratulations to the Newark Norsemen for winning the Round-Robin Tournament at Lisle over the weekend! The Norsemen defeated Lisle 4-3 in the first game, and Holy Trinity 4-1 in the second game. The Norsemen were crowned Lisle Champions after defeating Immaculate Conception 2-1 in the championship game. Great Job Gentlemen!! Newark's next game is on Monday away vs. Serena.

Lady Norsemen Win at Serena

Date: 5/4/09
Opponent: Serena-Away
Result: Conference Win 6-2

Newark faced Serena on Monday, May 4th. The girls played like champs that day only allowing 1 error the entire game. Lea Dunlap drove in 4 of the 6 runs with a triple and a double back to back. The Lady Norsemen only allowed Serena to score 2 runs that game leaving Newark with another conference win of 6-2.

Submitted by Lea Dunlap

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Lady Norsemen vs. Oswego East

Date: 5/2/09
Opponent: Oswego East-Home-DH
Result: Won 10-3, Lost 17-2

The Lady Norsemen had a double header on their home field on Saturday, May 2nd against Oswego East. Newark got the bats going right away, leaving the Lady Wolves with a 10-3 loss. The second game didn't go so well for the Lady Norsemen. The girls were struggling and Oswego East took advantage of it. The final score to the second game was 17-2 leaving Newark with another loss.

Submitted by Lea Dunlap

Friday, May 1, 2009

Lady Norsemen Defeat Earlville

Date: 5/1/09
Opponent: Earlville-Away
Result: Win 6-3

The Lady Norsemen racked up another conference win against Earlville on Friday, May 1st. The score resulted in a 6-3 win for Newark.

Submitted by Lea Dunlap