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2011 Class 1A Boys' Basketball State Champions
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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Lady Norsemen Basketball

The Lady Norsemen basketball team was ecstatic to begin their season on November 15th. The girls on the varsity team have very high hopes for this season. The freshmen are fitting in well with the older girls, but the biggest change is going to be how fast and physical the games become compared to junior high. Mr. Holman, the assistant coach, said it will get easier as they play more. Obviously, everyone is wondering if the girls are after a state title like the boys last year. Of course they want one, and they’re going to work as hard as possible to get one. When Mr. Holman was asked if he is a good enough coach to win state he had a good reply. He said, “Coaches do not win state, the team who plays wins the games. I think I’m a good enough coach to put the players in the best spots for them to succeed, which is all I can ask.” All there is left to do is wait and see. We’re looking forward to find out if there really is a championship again in Newark’s future.

By Megan Kaufman & Ashleigh Colyer