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Saturday, April 30, 2016


The Newark track team had its first meet on March 31 at Plano High School. The boys took fifth out of six teams and the girls took third out of six teams. Newark did great, considering we are a little behind everyone else.

There are athletes in track and baseball or softball, which gets challenging for the coaches and athletes.

“As we get further into the season the baseball and softball coaches are going to help us make sure our sprinters are getting some sprints and conditioning in either before or after softball/baseball practice if those athletes couldn’t make it to track that day,” said Mrs. McCoy.

The track team is not where they need to be as far as conditioning. They have been working on getting the correct running form down and conditioning while getting the form down. Mrs. McCoy said, “Athletes have been working on Dynamic Range of Motion. We will get to where we need to be.”

Track sectionals are May 19 and 20 for both boys and girls. At sectionals the athletes are able to qualify for state. To qualify for state, competitors have to get the state time or the height/length for their event. If no one makes the time, height or length, and the athlete is in the top two, then he/she will still be going to state because they take the top two athletes.

Track meets this month will be May 3 at Yorkville, May 5 at Aurora Christian, May 7 the Moose heart relay meet, May 9 at Oregon, May 12 at TBA girls sectional meet, May 13 at TBA girls sectional meet, May 14 at Sandwich (boys only), May 16 at Oregon boys sectional prep, May 19 sectionals, and May 20 sectionals.

Come out to sectionals to watch the Newark athletes as they compete for state.

By Remington Kempiak


Favorite Game: Leland-Earlville. I always hit well against them, as well as nearly throwing a no hitter against them three times. I always seem to pitch against them for whatever reason.
Favorite MLB Player: Scooter Gennett. He plays for my favorite team, the Milwaukee Brewers, and his name is Scooter. What more could you ask for?
Favorite Memory: I really enjoyed playing in Cooperstown, NY, but my favorite memories will be from the times in high school when we would stay after games and practices and just sit in the dugout and talk while playing the rock game. This was especially fun when Mr. Hacker and Mr. Randa would stay and hang out with us.
Plans for Next Year: I plan on attending Purdue University, or Kirkwood Community College and major in turf grass science.

Favorite Game: HBR
Favorite MLB Player: Adam Laroche
Favorite Memory: Having a perfect batting average freshman year
Plans for Next Year: University of Illinois

Favorite Game: Leland- Earlville
Favorite MLB Player: Joe Crede
Favorite Memory: The 05 White Sox winning the World Series.
Plans for Next Year: Playing basketball at either North Central or Millikin.

Favorite Game: Somonauk
Favorite MLB Player: Joe Random
Favorite Memory: Getting knocked out in Cooperstown and waking up in a random hospital room.
Plans for Next Year: Welding

Favorite Game: Serena
Favorite MLB Player: Jose Altuve
Favorite Memory: Fikri’s fake ISA letter
Plans for Next Year: Go to Aurora University and play baseball.

Favorite Game: Marquette or Somonauk
Favorite MLB Player: Ichiro Suzuki
Favorite Memory: Jacksonville. I loved messing with Mr. Machetta at 2 am.
Plans for Next Year: Go to ETI Welding School

Favorite Game: Kirkland-Hiawatha
Favorite MLB Player: Ichiro Suzuki
Favorite Memory: Being around all your friends every year.
Plans for Next Year: Attending NIU for a major in business management.

Favorite Game: I really enjoy playing Somonauk. It tests my managing skills and what I need to do differently to compete.
Favorite MLB Player: Prince Fielder. Obviously.
Favorite Memory: Probably being drafted to the NWL and being a part of the Rapids organization. #Rapidsnation
Plans for Next Year: I plan on continuing my career in the NWL and going to college.

Favorite Game: Somonauk. The rivalry is intense
Favorite MLB Player: Nick Swisher
Favorite Memory: Definitely the Jacksonville trip we took this year. It was a blast being able to be with friends. And also mess with Coach Mac.
Plans for Next Year: JJC or ETI

By Maddie Friestad