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Monday, May 1, 2017

My Favorite Season? Baseball Season, Of Course

The Newark baseball team went to Jacksonville over Spring Break. They played a total of three games at the tournament, and they won two out of the three. They played West Carroll, Milford, and Payton Prep.

Each year the athletes on the baseball team go above and beyond while they work on the field. They treat the field better than they treat their own yards at home. They bring stuff from home like rakes shovels, gators to haul dirt, etc. They even mow it on their own sometimes. This year has been a little different because of all of the rain we got.

“We finally just recently got a chance to work on it for a little bit and were able to get our first practice of the year on it the first week of April,” said Coach Veliz. The team captains for this year are Seniors Steve McGrath, Zach Perkins, Cameron

By Remington Kempiak